Masterpiece Cookware – Universal Set

Masterpiece Cookware: A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Cooking

Ideal for a 4 person home

universal cookware


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Product Description

The Zepter System is a unique and everlasting solution or a proper way to prepare healthy food.

A worldwide launch of Zepter’s Superior Metal 316 L in the production of Zepter masterpiece cookware for a proper and everlasting way to prepare healthy food, providing excellence in functionality and, above all a wide range of benefits to your health.

A proper and everlasting way to prepare healthy food for a longer and healthy life

  • Cooking with water (when necessary), but essentially without water
  • Frying without fats but always, at lower temperature to save food’s nutritive and biological values and organoleptic properties

(Cr-Ni-Mb 18/12/3)

Zepter Superior Metal
Zepter Technology
Zepter Design

  • It transfers the heat evenly
  • Food does not burn
  • Totally resistant to corrosion
  • Does not change colour
  • It is non-porous and does not retain food odours
  • Easier to use, clean and maintain
  • Indestructible, more resistant to physical and chemical effects
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • It is neutral and does not cause allergies
  • Unlimited guarantee
Doc of Detox - Masterpiece Cookware - Superior Metal

Doc of Detox - Masterpiece Cookware - Product Details


The Zepter Handles are the result of years of research and strict testing. They offer many unique features ensuring food preparation is comfortable, easy, and above all safe.

Doc of Detox - Cookware Handles

Zepter respects your individual taste, giving you the possibility to personalise the handles with the choice of additional colours. The colours are applied by a specific coating method, known as Zepter PVD application.

The special Zepter PVD application is a unique environmentally friendly coating method. It provides high temperature resistance, good impact strength, and excellent resistance to scratches and durability.

  • Uniquely designed and patented to never overheat
  • Ergonomic and stylish
  • Special Zepter PVD application
  • Excellent resistance to scratches and durability
  • Smart and practical design, enabling you to rest the lid on the pot handles
  • Firm grip
  • Easy handling
  • Oven safe (will heat to oven’s temperature so oven gloves required)
  • Easy to clean
  • Two sizes
  • Wide colour choice


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Doc of Detox - Side Handles


Faster, Easier, Cheaper, Healthier & Tastier
  • When cooking without adding water, always place fresh rinsed food in the cold pot, either leaving a 1⁄4 of the pot empty or leaving a space of 3 cm max. From the pot edge and cover .
  • Put the pot covered on the cold stove, and turn on the medium to higher heat source.
  • When the thermocontrol arrow reaches the halfway point of the green field on the moist scale, turn the heat down to the minimum.
  • Food is cooked in its own juice that remains in the pot.
  • The steam, released by the food inside the cookware, rises to the top. The lid is always cooler than the pot so the steam condenses upon contact with the lid. The nutritional liquid then drips down to the bottom and onto the food.this process goes on until the food is perfectly cooked - closed circle.
  • A water seal formed between the pot edge and the pot lid hermetically closes the pot.
  • Cooking is finished, after approx. 20 minutes.

You will see that food cooked without adding water looks better since its colour, shape and texture are preserved; it is tastier because natural flavours and aromas are preserved;
it is healthy, because nutritive and biological values (vitamins, minerals, proteins, micro and macro trace elements) are preserved.

Essential nutrients are not lost. 
Food does not get burnt and is not carcinogenic.


Faster, Easier, Cheaper, Healthier & Tastier
  • When frying without adding fats, always place the meat in an already heated pot.
  • Place the empty pot covered on the stove
    and always switch it on to the max. For up to
    4 minutes.
  • The pot is ready for frying once the thermocontrol arrow has reached the halfway point of the green field on the dry scale, or when you put a few drops of water on the surface and they start running after 4 minutes max. - perla effect.
  • Always place the meat in the already empty-heated pot and press the meat to sear it.
  • After 30-60 seconds turn the fried meat over and press again, leave it like this, until done.
  • Turn the heat down to the minimum, turn off or remove the pot from the heat source.
  • Use the lid depending on what frying method is used.
  • The frying process is finished after approx.
    10 minutes.

You will see that food fried without fats looks better since its colour, shape and texture are preserved; it is tastier because natural flavours and aromas are preserved;
it is healthy, because nutritive and biological values (vitamins, minerals, proteins, micro and macro trace elements) are preserved.
Essential nutrients are not lost. Food does not shrink, no food is wasted.

It does not stick to the pot,
 does not get burnt, food has no dangerous fats (trans-fat acids),
it contains no acrolein and is not carcinogenic.
Zepter saves food, energy, time and money, but most importantly, Zepter protects your health.

Zepter has produced a system that will shorten the time you spend in the kitchen and give you more free time. Zepter’s revolutionary technology pairs the Radio Induction Cooker with the Radio Digital Thermocontrol and Buzzer, for a fully automated and undisturbed cooking process without your presence.

Thanks to Zepter’s SMART Superior Multisystem, you can go out, pick up your children from school, go to yoga class, go shopping, have a coffee with friends, visit your neighbours, enjoy a walk in the park, or do whatever else pleases you.
Just imagine: you will have food, cooked and ready to enjoy in its healthy state, waiting for you when you get back. It is ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE!

Zepter’s independent SMART Superior Multisystem:

  • Saves energy - wastes no heat cooking and heating food
  • Saves food - enjoy more freshly-cooked, healthy food
  • Saves time - more free time for you and your family
  • Saves money
  • Is absolutely safe
  • Protects your health

Radio Digital Thermocontrol

The Radio Digital Thermocontrol features a fully digital user interface, a sleek and stylish design, and a firm ergonomic grip. It gives you the option to choose between dry and moist cooking modes, the possibility to programme the desired temperature and cooking time, and full control over the entire cooking process.

Once programmed, the smart system maintains the temperature and time automatically, and turns off when necessary. You can leave the house, and when you get back, your healthy food will be prepared, with preserved nutritive and organoleptic properties, ready to be served. Above all, the Radio Digital Thermocontrol acts as your “foodguard”, as it is completely interactive with other Zepter radio devices.

Doc of Detox - Radio Digital Thermocontrol

Radio Induction Cooker

When paired with the Radio Digital Thermocontrol, the Radio Induction Cooker has the ability to adjust the heat source, enabling a completely automated cooking process from start to end. At the touch of a button, it adjusts and maintains the cook it independently ends the cooking process, turns off, and keeps the food unchanged, in its natural, healthy state.

Self-Controlled, Fully Automated, Enjoyable

Quick, safe and clean: this is the cooking tool you have been searching for.
The new Radio Induction Cooker by Zepter is an innovative cooking system to get perfect results in a short time and with complete safety. With no fire, no gas, no risk!

Doc of Detox - Radio Induction Cooker
Product Advantages
Doc of Detox - Radio Induction Cooking Advantage
Product Benefits
  • Stylish design
    The surface is entirely covered with ceramic glass, which makes this cooking device an incomparable luxury home decoration to display proudly in your kitchen.
  • Branded Plate
    Its surface glass top is Schott Ceran’s, therefore made by the international leading producer. You could not have a higher quality in this field.
  • Light and portable
    Its dimensions and weight are ideal for moving this accessory wherever you need it, whenever you wish.
  • Easy hygiene
    Wipe it with a wet cloth and it will be brand new. Cleanable with a dishwashing detergent and soft cloth. Overflowed food does not stick to the plate.
  • Sensor-touch system control
    The touch screen commands on the ceramic glass display are a clever, futuristic designfeature.
  • Clear legibility
    The 4-digit system LED display is practical and user-friendly.
  • Timer and Heating setting
    You can preset the length of cooking along with the temperature needed. When cooking is over,you can keep your food warm for a long time.
  • Versatility
    Suitable for pots with accuthermal bottom as well as for standard pots.
  • Safety
    The stylish design incorporates optimum safety in the form of the Child lock and hot plate features, which make your kitchen a safer place.


All Zepter Masterpiece Cookware pots have the patented accuthermal bottom which work perfectly with the new Radio Induction Cooker, to let you prepare exquisite meals according to Zepter’s healthy cooking philosophy. The Radio Induction Cooker is compatible with every kind of magnetic-based pot, pan or casserole.

How does induction cooking work?
  • An induction energy coil placed directly beneath the ceramic glass surface generates a magnetic field.
  • When the cookware, made of a magnetic-based material, is placed onto the induction plate, the field penetrates the metal of the ferrous (magnetic-material) cooking vessel and sets up a circulating electric current, which generates heat.
  • The heat is generated inside the cookware and is transferred to the food inside. Nothing outside the cookware is affected by the magnetic field.
  • When the pot is removed from the induction plate it automatically cools: thus, you can easily control the food being heated along with the whole cooking process.
  • You can set the temperature for HEATING, being sure it will keep the ideal cooking temperature throughout the cooking process. You can also preset the cooking time so the device stops automatically, ensuring food never burns!

Remote Alert Device (Buzzer)

Doc of Detox - Buzzer

The Buzzer connects with the Radio Digital Thermocontrol and indicates the temperature and time status during cooking. You don’t need to stand by the Zepter Masterpiece Cookware. When your presence is needed, the Buzzer will inform you. It pairs with the Radio Digital Thermocontrol, communicating interactively and informing you remotely when the programmed temperature has been reached, the programmed time has elapsed, or the programmed temperature is lower or higher.

The Buzzer is your personal cooking messenger, informing you only when your food needs you. In the meantime, you don’t have to stand by the cooking station; you can use your time to read a book, help your children with their homework, exercise, do some housework, enjoy a home spa treatment, or do anything else you like. The Buzzer will find you, as it can reach you wherever you are, within the radius of 30m.


  • Programmed temperature has been reached
  • Programmed time has elapsed
  • Programmed temperature is lower, or
  • Programmed temperature is higher

The Zepter System: properly prepared healthy food, with no fats – tastier, yet healthier

  • Food looks better: colour, shape and texture have been preserved
  • Food is tastier: natural flavours and aromas have been preserved (even without adding salt
    as spices)
  • Food is healthier: nutritive and biological values (essential nutrients: vitamins, minerals, proteins, micro and macro trace elements) have been preserved, food does not burn. There is no acrolein. It is not cancerogenic.
Doc of Detox - Zepter - Beef - Chicken - Eggs

Zepter guarantees healthier and tastier meals and also saves food, energy, time and money. But most importantly, Zepter protects your health! 

Doc of Detox - Zepter - Minerals
Doc of Detox - Zepter - Stackable Masterpiece Cookware System

It has been scientifically and medically proven that an improper and unhealthy diet is the main cause of all chronic diseases and that the main cause of an improper and unhealthy diet is improper food preparation.

For a proper way to prepare healthy food for a longer and healthy life Zepter has a patented system, a unique & everlasting solution. Faster, easier, cheaper, healthier and tastier.

We will show you its secrets!

Hippocrates, a greek scientist, the father of medicine (460 bc - 370 bc) used to teach:
“Let your food be your remedy, let your remedy be your food.”

Food can heal and food should heal, but, food can seriously jeopardize your life and health, therefore, more than ever, the world needs Zepter's mission of health: 'Eat healthy. Live longer'

Today, 2500 years later we know that the quality and length of our life depend, above all, on a proper and healthy diet.

325 people die from nutrition-related diseases in the USA every day!

The percentage of people affected by health problems due to improper nutrition.


It causes: respiratory problems, knee, joint and back pain, immobility, serious psychological disorders, osteoarthritis, infertility, liver disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, cancer!

Doc of Detox - Obesity Stats

Diabetes, a vicious illness with practically no symptoms

Diabetes causes: kidney failure, diabetic ulcers, blindness, limb amputation, heart attack, stroke.

Because of diabetes 1 person dies every
10 seconds,
mainly because of an improper, unhealthy diet!

Doc of Detox - Diabetes

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