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Crystal Air Ozone Generator

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Crystal Air ozone generators can also be used to purify the air and recreate the same fresh air that you experience shortly after a thunder storm.

Ozone is oxygen that has been subject to high voltage (3000 to 6000 volts) at very low amperage. Ozone is an unstable gas which is very chemically active. It will combine with bacteria and odors in the air or water rendering them harmless and odorless. In other words, purified air or water. Ozone is nature's own purifier, and is created during thunderstorms by lightning. This results in the fresh clean air that is present after a thunderstorm.

Crystal Air Ozone Generators are some of the most powerful and effective eliminators of smoke and a myriad of other odors. Our machines utilize ozone to destroy odors from pets, smoking, cooking, mold, mildew and other household sources. Elimination of these hazards provides a much healthier atmosphere and a more comfortable living environment. Indoor air pollution is recognized as one of the major health concerns facing the nation today. This condition has been created by the search for more energy efficient buildings and work places. Through the use of Crystal Air systems we can dramatically reduce the pollution contamination, creating a much safer atmosphere indoors.


Benefits of Ozone

Purifies atmosphere

Eliminates odors

Creates calming sensation

Removes toxins from the environment

Neutralizes pollution


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