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THE Nebulizer

The Best Medicine Deserves the Best Delivery


Our nebulizer delivers a metered-dose of liquid medicine (Silver Bullet Solution, Fulvic Eye Drops) in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs/sinuses. Pressurized air passes through the tube and turns the liquid medicine into a mist. Our nebulizers are battery powered and are portable. Our nebulizers are made up of a base with an air compressor, a small container for liquid medicine, and a tube that connects them together. The mouthpiece or mask attaches to the container for you to inhale the mist.


General instructions on how to use a nebulizer:

  • Put the nebulizer on a flat surface.

  • Check to make sure all the pieces are clean.

  • Open container and fill with Silver Bullet Solution and/or Fulvic Eye Drops (max is 8 ml/.27 oz).

  • Attach the mouthpiece or mask.

  • Press the power button and check to see that the nebulizer is misting.

  • Hold mouthpiece to open mouth, close mouth around mouthpieces or put the mask over your nose and mouth.

  • Slowly breath in and out until the medicine is gone.

  • Keep the liquid container upright throughout the session.

  • See instruction manual for exact instructions on how to use and clean device.



  • Easy operation for home & office use

  • Elegant, handheld design

  • Get the most benefit from your medicine

  • Ultra-low noise

  • One-button operation for easy use

  • Low battery indicator

  • Automatically shuts down without liquid


  • Power: 2x AA batteries

  • Type: ClassII Type B

  • Power :2W 

  • Ultrasonic Frequency: Approximately 140KHz

  • Max. capacity of medication cup :8ml 

  • Particle Size :≤5μm 

  • Nebulizing Rate :≥0.25ml/min 

  • Size:45mm x 60mm x 120mm