Who should use Thumper?

Anyone who:

  • Stands/sits all day at their job.
  • Spends a lot of time driving.
  • Has tension/stress.
  • Plays sports/exercises frequently.
  • Wants to feel good!

Why does Thumper not have the bells and whistles?

Simply, Thumper works and its technology is based on proven deep muscle massage techniques developed over 30 years. The bells and whistles may look like you are getting more “features” but they do not work to provide a better massage. Our investment in the product is on those components that directly improve the massage result and the quality and longevity of the product. We do not compromise with ineffective features.

Why Thumper is more expensive than other models?

The use of quality components, hand made units, strict quality control and built to sustain professional use are some of the reasons why Thumper is a premium price product.

What can I do if I find Thumper uncomfortable on one area?

Thumper was designed to be strong and effective with all muscle groups. For sensitive areas, place a folded towel between Thumper and the area being massaged.

Does Thumper ‘kickback’ energy/vibration to the handle?

Thumper has very little ‘kickback’ to the operator. Not like many other vibrators.

Does Thumper Itch?

Because Thumper does not “rub” the skin, itching does not usually occur. Itching may appear, however, under the following conditions:

  • If irritable material or clothing is used between Thumper and the skin (Ex. Synthetic materials).
  • If left in one spot too long.
  • If the relative humidity of the atmosphere is quite low.

Does Thumper have attachments?

No attachments are needed with Thumper. Its massage spheres are positioned to let you treat all areas effectively.

How does Thumper compare to other massagers on the market?

Thumper is the only massager that goes after muscle tension with percussive action. Ordinary massagers exert their force in a horizontal direction and do nothing more than “rub” your skin. Thumper directs the action of its anatomically positioned massage spheres vertically-downwards into your muscles. You feel Thumper throughout your body, not just on the skin surface.

How do I clean Thumper?

If the external surfaces become soiled, wipe clean with a cloth dampened with a mild soap.

Why does the Thumper get warm?

Although Thumper is designed for continuous use, with extended use it is normal for the plastic shell or housing to get warm. If the temperature does exceed normal limits, Temperature Overload Protection may activate, shutting the machine down.

You will need to let it cool before continuing use.

Is there any maintenance required for Thumper?

No. Thumper is maintenance free, constructed with permanently lubricated, sealed ball bearings. No additional lubrication is necessary.

Can Thumper be used with Massage Oils or Lotions?

Do not use oils or lotions with Thumper. The oil or lotion may chemically react with the plastic and cause deterioration.

How Do I Wash/Clean My Pad?

The mattress pads are machine washable on a frontload washing machine. Please secure the extension tail with a rubber band or other means to minimize the risk of it flailing in the spin cycle and causing damage to the male connector. After securing the tail put your washing machine on a gentle cycle and cold water only. Dry on a delicate no heat cycle or air dry.

Operational Tips

Insure there is ample space around the Control Unit/Cube for ventilation. The Control Unit/Cube utilizes fresh air to cool the electronics, so sufficient air is necessary for optimal performance and long life of your system. Clearance of 24 inches on all sides is recommended. *** Do Not put your control unit under your bed*** as this will significantly restrict the airflow to the unit.
Frequently inspect the connection tubes to insure there are no kinks or restrictions that may prevent free flow of the water through your system.

How do I clean and care for my Chili Control Unit?

Recommendations for keeping your Chili Technology system running efficiently for years of great sleep:

Cleaning Tips

Periodically add one cap full of hydrogen peroxide into the reservoir to keep the circulation system clean. Procedure: Set temperature to 75 degree F. Remove the reservoir cap, and add the Hydrogen Peroxide. LEAVE THE RESERVOIR CAP OFF. The Hydrogen Peroxide will react with the dirt or other foreign particles to clean the system. Once the reaction has stopped (bubbles no longer form), replace the cap, reset the temperature to your desired sleep temperature and enjoy.

Periodically remove and clean dust screen at the intake vent under the handle (for PLS Control Units ONLY)

For all units you can use a can of compressed air to blow in around side vents. (For the PLS control you can blow the top vent as well)

IMPORTANT: If you have added any other substance to your water reservoir previously (such as vinegar), please flush the system before adding hydrogen peroxide

How often should I clean my ChiliPad Cube or Control Unit?

Enhanced Cleaning

This cleaning will remove any residue that may have accumulated in your pad. We recommend this cleaning every 3 months with regular use, as well as before and after storage of your ChiliPad

The process:

  • Empty the water in your unit/Cube (remember that you never want to store your unit/Cube with water in it).
  • Add 1/2 cup of Hydrogen Peroxide to the unit/Cube.
  • Fill the remainder of the water reservoir with distilled water.
  • Run unit/Cube on a hot setting with the cap off for about 6-8 hours. Be sure the unit/Cube is higher than the pad to ensure the water doesn’t spill out the top of the unit/cube as you will have the cap off.
  • Wipe off any residue that may rise to the top throughout the process.

Failure to care for and perform routine cleaning and maintenance will void your warranty.

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