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The Core Twister

Lose Fat and Gain Muscle in Only 20 Minutes a Day!

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The Most Simple, Effective, & Inexpensive Workout


Live Long, Core Strong! The natural circular hip rotations of Core Twisting not only strengthen, lengthen, and tone core muscles but cleanse internal organs.

Lose Fat and Gain Muscle in Only 20 Minutes a Day!

The core of your body is the foundational centre where most of your vital organs such as the digestive tract, kidneys and liver are located. Key muscles in the core – such as your obliques, abdominals and lower back muscles – hold your body and vital organs in place.

Core Twisting exercises abdominal muscles that work in conjunction with back muscles. If you want a flatter stomach to make you feel better, to hold your posture better or to give you more self-confidence, our goal is to show you how it can be done with the minimum of time, effort and money.

Want stronger, leaner, solid abs?

You can have them with Core Twisting! It only takes 10 to 15 minutes twice a day to build a strong core and the abs you desire! With Core Twisting you will create lean and firm core muscles, detox and restore your organs, while boosting your energy and vitality - helping you to live longer, stronger and younger! You can build strong and lean muscles quickly and conveniently, right in your own home. 


Benefits of Core Twisting

  •  Core twisting works your upper body, lower body and core all at the same time.

  • Core twist to your favorite music, while watching TV or on the phone.

  • Convenient and can be done anywhere!

  • Core twisting restores proper movement in back muscles.

  • No learning curve, anyone can do it.

  • Detoxes your body and enhances nutritional uptake at the cellular level.

  • Helps realign the spine.

  • Restores balance and gives you a strong foundation.

  • Strengthens muscles, tendons and ligaments.

  • Helps to detoxify the waste, lactic acid and acidity from the body.

  • Helps to eliminate pain, inflammation and internal scar tissue formation.

  • Full body muscular skeletal workout.

  • Effective cardio workout.

  • Reduces premature aging.

  • Gives you a strong core, toned tummy and a smaller, toned waist.

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For Beginners

It is important to remember when you start core twisting that you begin with gentle baby steps. Start with twisting for 1-2 minutes a few times a day and slowly work up to a 10-20 minute workout. When you first begin, you can start by standing between a doorway and holding onto the frame or in front of a wall with your hands up against the wall. This ensures that you are not using your arms to twist and you are not twisting from your upper body or your legs. You want to focus and twist from your abdomen. When you feel it in your abdominal muscles, you know you are twisting correctly!

Never over twist and never go your full range of motion. When you begin, think of yourself as a door with rusty hinges, you want to go slowly until your joints are lubricated and move easy. If you do over twist, you will make your joints and muscles sore, thus you will not enjoy this exercise, if it is not fun you will not continue to do it.

When you get up to a 20 minute workout, you will quickly restore and maintain your agility and balance right through the golden years! You will start to regain your balance, strength and confidence with the intensity of this exercise.

Remember, it is what you do daily that shapes you. Fun and easy exercise like core twisting will lengthen, strengthen, detox and tone your core to give you the body you have always dreamed of!

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