The Benefits of Core Rebounding

Core Rebounding is the best workout to move and cleanse the lymph and rebound your immune system. Rebounding has been quoted by NASA as, “the most efficient and effective exercise devised by man.” It is hands down the most effective exercise for preventing cancer and assisting the body to heal from cancer.

Have you ever notice that when a baby cries they are comforted on the shoulder by being rocked up and down – that’s called rebounding, that’s called lymphasizing, that’s called detoxifying! It is the most effective way of calming down the nervous system.

Have you also noticed how kids love jumping on beds? Same thing! Their intuition drives them to jump up and down to move their lymph to calm their system.

Rebounding is a smooth and gentle movement, from one foot to the other. It is a cellular exercise, exercising your body’s 85 trillion cells. Rebounding causes cells to squeeze out toxins through a contraction-relaxation motion. It promotes the movement of nutrients and oxygen into the cells and toxins out of the cells more effectively than any other exercise.

This cellular exercise results in cells being 5 times more active due to the increased G-Force response from the Core Rebounder.

Rebounding is a safe, cardiovascular, muscle-building exercise, which has very low impact. It decreases shock and stress by an amazing 95% on all joints and muscles, which is so important for those who are overweight and for the elderly. Plus, it is more effective for fitness and weight loss than cycling, swimming, jogging or running.

Core Rebounding for only 20 minutes is the equivalent to running for 1 hour – without the wear and tear on your body. Rebounding strengthens the legs more efficiently than running but at the same time lessens the strain on the heart whereas running causes athlete’s heart (scar tissue formation within the heart.)

12 minutes of rebounding burns 10 more calories than 12 minutes of jogging or running!


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Rebounding and the Lymphatic System

When it comes to cleansing your lymph system it relies on external pressure. This being breathing and muscular contraction in the way of rebounding, foam rolling and core twisting. These methods propel toxic contents and nutrients through the system of one way lymphatic valves. Rebounding increases lymphatic circulation better than any other exercise.

The purpose of the lymphatic fluid in the lymphatic system is to clear out toxins and waste products from the body. Two-thirds of your body’s white blood cells are found in your lymphatic fluids and are responsible for eliminating parasites, bad bacteria, fungi and cancer cells.

But remember, without movement, without exercise, one of your greatest detoxification processes will sit stagnant and turn on you – move it or lose it! This saying has never been more true as in this case. Rebounding has zero impact on the body and provides you benefits all the way down to the cellular level. Rebounding reduces body fat, water retention and lymph congestion better than any other known exercise.

Benefits of Core Rebounding

  • Core rebounding firms the legs, thighs, arms, abdomen and hips – the “no hope” zones
  • Rebounding increases agility and improves sense of balance
  • Lowers blood pressure, triglycerides and bad cholesterol
  • Promotes regular elimination and relieves constipation
  • Strengthens the muscular skeletal system more than any other exercise
  • Rebounding is true core building
  • Protects the joints from chronic fatigue
  • Increases circulation of the heart and lungs, making this an excellent cardiovascular exercise
  • Core rebounding prevents edema
  • Increases tissue repair
  • Supports the alkaline reserve of the body
  • Corrects body alignment and posture
  • Enhances the digestion, assimilation and elimination processes
  • Promotes a deeper and more relaxed sleep
  • Reverses the aging process of the body

Core Rebounding can be done year round – inside or outside, while watching TV or on the phone. When you purchase a rebounder, you want a 6-leg design and a non-slip mat for those trickier maneuvers with good quality springs. Our custom made rebounders also have 6-inch springs that create the most beautiful effective bounce for rebounding. Stabilizer bars can also be fitted if you are unsteady or disabled.

Darrell Wolfe