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Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration was created 30 years ago by Dr. Darrell Wolfe Ac.PhD., C.C.H., D.M.T. due to the internal scar tissue and crystallization he found in almost all of his patients; this being the underlying cause of physical pain experienced in the body. This unique therapy is taught by the International Training Institute of Health and has been taught and successfully used in the treatment of muscle, tendon, ligament and joint conditions since 1985.

Crystallization and internal scar tissue are the major underlying cause of physical pain experienced in the body. Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration has shown to be the most effective form of bodywork therapy ever created to reverse the underlying cause of chronic and acute muscular and skeletal problems, injuries, sports injuries, muscle loss (atrophy), pain and internal scar tissue and crystallization in the body. Internal scar tissue and crystallization are the major causes of premature aging, pain and physical limitation. All therapies have their place but unless the underlying cause, that being internal scar tissue, is broken down and eliminated in the process, then the therapy becomes useless or temporary at best.

With every muscle, tendon, ligament and joint problem, if the therapy does not eliminate the internal scar tissue and/or correct guidance is not given by the practitioner to the patient, the body will continue to create fibrin (internal scar tissue), which is a defense mechanism within the body to wall off the inflammation from spreading to the healthier tissue and wall off the bacteria from invading the already inflamed and compromised tissue.

If this inflammation is left to continue or is suppressed by drug therapy the body will go into full production mode of fibrin to deaden the pain and stop the spread of the inflammation in the affected area to end the energy wastage and depletion of the immune system. The end result will be massive internal scar tissue formation leading to a chronic muscular, joint or organ disease, which is actually a symptom of the inflammation allowed to go out of control and unchecked. The area will feel as if a physical injury has taken place, when all this scar tissue is just a symptom created by the body’s built-in safety mechanisms due to incorrect therapy and/or incorrect information given to the patient.

Superficial techniques applied at a distance from a lesion cannot be expected to correct the problem. They can help by reducing inflammation, aiding circulation and soothing hyper-toned muscles, but the cause will always remain and will reveal itself time and time again in the future. The true cause of physical disorders is never on or near the surface. For any long-lasting results you must release the deep invisible bonds and empower the patients with true wisdom. Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration reaches structures far beneath the superficial fascia to reverse chronic muscle, tendon, ligament and joint problems. It is remarkably effective for aligning skeletal structures that lie deep within the body that cannot be reached effectively with other therapies. Even in cases of severe fibromyalgia where the patient is in constant pain, we can still remove the invisible blocks and remove the cause of their pain without any further pain to the patient. It is called ‘Wolfe Deep Tissue’ but when the technique is done properly, it can even put a patient to sleep. We will break the cycle of pain within the very first treatment. All of our therapies and consultations come with a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee. If we can’t guarantee our work then we should not charge for it. Deliver lasting results!

The actual manipulation is a controlled, precise, short, concentrated transverse movement with a penetrating action applied directly on individual muscles, tendons or ligament fibers that have lesion (internal scar tissue) involvement. By using a transverse manipulation on the origin and insertion of the deeper tendons and ligaments, we release the whole muscle belly and the involved joints. The origin and insertion is found on either end of muscles where the tendon or ligaments attach onto the bone.

What is a tendon? It is the fibrous cord-like part of the muscle found on either end of the muscle belly that is attached to the bone. With contraction of our muscles, where do you think the most stress would be? In the muscle belly or in the tendons attached to the bone? If I hang from a rope, where is the most stress placed? That’s right, at the end of the rope, where it is tied! The tendons get the most stress; they will experience micro tearing and become matted with internal scar tissue and crystallization, which will form knots that will cause the muscle to shorten in length.

Why is there spasm in the muscle belly when the damage lies mainly within the origin and insertion, where the tendons attach? This reaction is a built-in, protective safety mechanism for the damage that has occurred in the tendon at or near the origin and insertion point. The muscle belly will stay in spasm and even in pain so that it remains contracted thus limiting range of motion. This reduces the movement of the muscles, which in turn protects the tendon from any further tears until the cause is eliminated, that being hardened internal scar tissue at the joint.

The conclusion is: work deep at the insertion and origin of tendons and ligaments to remove scar tissue and crystallization or become the average, normal person, who experiences premature aging with pain and inflammation continually off and on throughout their whole life, because the true cause was never addressed or eliminated.

“Pain is our friend, not our enemy. When you make pain your enemy and run away from it, you will always be in It.” – Dr. Darrell Wolfe

When you release the internal scar tissue at the insertion and origin of the muscles you automatically release the muscle tension and spasm within the muscle belly, which was only there as a protective safety mechanism against further injury in the insertion and origin of muscles. Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration is applied by using the base of the phalange, forearm, epicondyle or elbow.

This technique is used to mobilize the muscle, tendon or ligament, separating the adhesions between the individual fibers that are restricting natural movement. Traditional techniques, where they stretch out the muscle in an attempt to widen the distance between the muscle fibers, are temporary at best. During stretching, the muscles lie more closely together. Adhesions within the tissue cannot be broken down by stretching, but only by using a deep transverse manipulation, which broadens the tissue, opening it up and allowing circulation and nerve flow to be restored. This is particularly true of the fibers that attach muscle to bone, where the vicinity of stationary tissue restricts the mobility of adjacent muscle.

Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration Therapy restores proper blood flow and increases range of motion instantly. In any form of injury, chronic muscular problem, or crippling condition, there will be internal scar tissue (lesions) or atrophy (decreased muscle tone) developed by the physiological process. Even in the case of arthritis, I personally would not label this as a disease. ‘Arth’ stands for joint and ‘itis’ stands for inflammation. The inflammation at the joint is increased acidity attacking the tissues within the joint, which causes crystallization and internal scar tissue formation. As the internal scar tissue hardens, mineral depletion of calcium from the bones will occur to buffer down this chronic inflammatory tissue created by acidosis. As long as you receive ineffective therapy there will be continual degeneration to the tissues and joints involved, so the symptom called ‘Arthritis’ that has received ineffective therapies now has become ‘Osteoarthritis’. As you can see, these are not diseases; these are symptoms that only become worse overtime due to improper treatment and incorrect guidance.

As the scar tissue hardens, mineral depletion to the bones of the joint will occur along with degeneration to the tissue involved. Anyone who runs marathons would be shocked if they could see inside their body. Running creates internal scar tissue in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and also in the heart. Inflammation and pain is the first sign of internal scar tissue formation.

There is nothing worse than an injury that won’t heal. It does not matter how much ice, heat, Advil, Motrin or anti-inflammatories you take or apply, they may suppress your pain but only to have you unknowingly rip and tear because they have numbed out the warning signs of re-tearing the internal scar tissue that has never been addressed properly with the correct therapy to break it down and remove it in the first place. Sometimes a chronic injury will last for months or even years with no real end in sight.

Repeated visits to the doctor for prescriptions to numb the pain, visits to physical therapists, registered massage therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists will help reduce the problem but until the crystallization and internal scar tissue is removed and the patient is taught how to prevent it from returning, their search will go on. The major cause of injuries now and always will be the invisible bonds that bind and restrict; internal scar tissue formation that eventually turns into knots will shorten the muscles, ligaments and tendons they are attached to.

This cannot be stretched out, even though most therapies and trainers teach this, for it will only rip and tear again because of the lack of circulation and elasticity due to it being fibrotic internal scar tissue. The same scar tissue that attempts to prevent damage will also constrict future movement, binding tissues and organs, causing unnecessary pain and suffering when the ‘healing’ has supposedly already completed. A transverse penetrating technique is clearly necessary if such tissues are to be restored to their healthy state. Proper guidance on diet, detoxification and exercise is essential to restore and maintain your health on a permanent basis.

In the majority of the population the internal scar tissue has hardened like cement and a change in diet alone will not be enough for true healing to take place. Tissue that was once elastic, pliable, toned and self-healing now receives hardly any blood flow due to its fibrous, crystalline structure. This tissue now lacks needed oxygen and vital essential nutrients and has the consistency of beef jerky.

From a frozen shoulder to a cancer tumor you will have crystallization and scar tissue formation when incorrect guidance and treatment is given. When you remove the hardened internal scar tissue, crystallization and scar tissue knots, then you will be free of pain and able to perform at your optimum once again, as a healthy active person…at any age. This hardened internal scar tissue must be manually broken down and then flushed out of the system with ample quality Structured Water, Gentle Daily Cleansing, a Whole Plant Based Diet along with Superfood Nutrition and Core Exercises.

This is why we believe at the International Training Institute of Health that any physical therapist without proper training in the art of deep tissue restoration and a correct foundation of nutrition, detoxification and exercise will never provide what their patients truly need – whole body healing needs a whole body, whole life approach. Be the Cure you wish to see.

Make sure your practitioner is well trained in the removal of these invisible bonds and has the wisdom to teach you how to become the Master of your own health and well being. Release that which binds U.

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