The SAD Diet

Studies have shown that a Whole Plant Based diet not only prevents but also can reverse conditions that a SAD diet creates. Because of the so-called Standard American Diet, aptly called ‘SAD’, digested food becomes so sticky due to lack of fiber, nutrients and Structured Water, it does not move along at the proper rate. This creates advanced putrefaction (toxic waste) by the time it reaches the large intestine due to the lack of vital life force.

The large intestine is a living, breathing organ made up of billions of cells which are too often bathing in this SAD, stagnant, toxic waste. This toxic debris becomes absorbed into the bloodstream, polluting the rest of the body’s organs and tissue cells. Sooner or later, the colon can no longer handle this toxic load and all Hell-th breaks loose. Your kids are not lazy or bad. They’re just spoiled rotten from the low vibrational water and foods that you bring home. Either we train ourselves and our family or we end up in treatment. Join our club today!

Darrell Wolfe