The Rules of Health Have Changed and So Must We

These are very toxic times that we live in. No longer will the 2-3 week spring cleanse, supplementation and filtered water even come close to pulling you out of this toxic fire. It will be very challenging for those who do not recognize or have the understanding that the environment concerning health and well-being has drastically changed over the last 25 years. You will need to pay more attention to the health choices that you are making on a daily basis. No longer will supplements and a few health tips, in any way, protect you from this unhealthy climate that the average person is immersed in on a daily basis.

The climate concerning the health of the environment has and is changing rapidly and not in your favor. It has been common practice in the past, for those who strive to be healthy and stay healthy, to deep cleanse every few months from 3 days to 3 weeks long. 3 days is not long enough to do the job. 3 weeks of a deep cleanse will definitely remove many toxins but it can be very hard on your body because our detox organs are severely overburdened and backed up. Safer and long lasting results can and are accomplished through Gentle Daily Cleansing and simple guidelines when followed daily without the ‘no pain no gain theory’. Some practitioners promote what I call, ‘The Spring Cleanse’.

Why would you pile up toxic waste in your body that causes most of the pain, suffering, disease, and yes, even premature death that many experience?

Incorrect information and ineffective training has caused most health practitioners to practice the same way as the medical system does. Allowing the patient to go into a health crisis and then come to their rescue, because we have been educated in the same manner. 75 years ago our environment was not in this toxic state.

Should we gently cleanse daily for prevention or should we stay with the old rules and pile up that which does not serve us, and then do a cleanse every few months that only delivers temporary relief?

This attitude of ‘create the problem and rush to the rescue’ must end if you wish to make a permanent difference in our health. Let logic prevail. Unless your practitioner is empowering you to Master your own well-being with gentle baby steps on a daily basis, they are keeping you from the health that you truly deserve.

Nature does not just cleanse in the spring, she does it on a daily basis. If Nature were to let toxic waste pile up and did not cleanse and nourish on a daily basis, then humankind would become extinct. Your body is no different. Yes, deep cleanses have benefit but only if your organs are not backed up and in a state of fatigue. The majority of the population will never experience long-term benefit from deep cleanses, nor the vibrant health they seek, because permanent health only comes with gentle steps done daily each and every day. The rules to having and maintaining a healthy body have changed, but the proper training and guidance has not come with it, as we see with our family and friends. Our immune systems are now under attack 24/7 in this new toxic reality and health care today has mistreated and guided most into an unhealthy state of being.

When it comes to natural health people have been taught to dive into a deep cleanse when they feel they’re in trouble and then fall out during or right after the deep cleanse, going back to the bad habits and symptoms they were trying to rid themselves of in the first place. At the ‘Doc of Detox’ we have created the most effective, simplistic program to guide, protect and empower you step-by-step and day-by-day, because the rules have changed, and as therapists we must teach this new reality if we wish to make a permanent difference in the health and well-being of our patients.

It is a much wiser practitioner that teaches their patients to do a little each and every day to ensure that they stay vibrant, happy, healthy and disease-free on a continual basis, than one who continually runs to their rescue pretending to save them. An ounce of prevention daily is worth a pound of cure. Small baby steps daily will prevent you from needing the pound of cure. Our success as practitioners is measured by the success of our patients.

Bridging The Nutritional Gap

The food chain is and has been broken for 50 years. Most have come to realize that it is impossible to get the nutrients needed from our foods to have a healthy, vibrant body. The Doc of Detox is about bridging that gap and delivering the most effective techniques, training and foundational nutrition in the most simplistic and cost effective way, so that you can regain and keep that which has always been your universal right – GREAT HEALTH!

Give a man a fish and he will be healthy for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he will be healthy for life. There has been almost a generation of deception, selling off nature and our health, one piece at a time, favoring the new and improved and the latest and greatest medical or nutritional supplement breakthrough. When you strip away the commercial health that most receive and return to foundational nutrition and detoxification, you will no longer be patients, you will be masters of your own well-being.

Although fruits and vegetables should always be your first choice, they have been absent of the foundational nutrients to create or sustain a healthy body since the 1940’s. You now need roughly 10 servings of vegetables and fruits just to obtain the nutritional equivalent of 1 serving from 50 years ago. We are not cows, and I am not about to believe that anyone is going to eat 10 servings of any one thing in a given day only to find out that they’re still nutritionally depleted. You will never be depleted nutritionally when you know the truth and how to take personal action. You’re either being taught how to regain your health or you’re being left powerless like many patients today. You cannot do better until you have been taught better. If you’re not taking personal action by taking gentle baby steps on a day-to-day basis, you will eventually end up on your back, broke, sick and in pain.

Darrell Wolfe