The Royal Society of Medicine

The Royal Society of Medicine did a major study and found that a dysfunctional large intestine (colon) is the contributor to 85% of disease and illness from which we suffer. I believe and will prove conclusively that if this organ is not cleansed and nourished on a daily basis, it generates the fuel (absorbed toxic waste) that creates most of the illness and pain we suffer on an emotional and physical level. Until your colon (large intestine) gets the attention and co-operation it deserves, you will not be able to prevent or reverse illness effectively.

Remember, no one is happy when they’re feeling crappy and yes, I am referring to the literal sense. For a society so medically advanced and in search of health (drug based) breakthroughs, why is it still so complicated for many to see, feel and smell the obvious? When it comes to how people feel and look, what was once abnormal has now become commonplace. To illustrate this point, the next time you go to a public place make a conscious effort to look around and maybe even look down. You decide if I am correct. The majority of men and women appear to be 3 to 6 months pregnant. This is not just excess weight… this is also extreme putrefaction (rotting) in the large intestine – unconscious living in full bloom.

I often have patients in my office constantly telling me how sick and tired they feel. In response, I propose this question: Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?” If so, let’s change it! In the ‘Healthy to 100’ Club, you will have the tools to Master Your Health and Well-being. Fear of the unknown will become the illusion as opposed to being the reality. Unconscious living is a silent but deadly force and The Whole Truth About Health, is the antidote.

Darrell Wolfe