The Guardians Of Life

Most people believe that their body is mainly composed of cells. 90% of the cells in your body actually belong to bacteria. Scientists realize that unbalanced microbial (bacterial) communities in the digestive tract, mainly the colon, are the root cause of the pain and disease we suffer today. Almost all dysfunctions of the brain can be connected to the digestive tract as the cause. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, stated that ‘All diseases begin in the intestines.’ The more science learns, the more we realize just how correct Hippocrates was. Your intestines play the most significant role when it comes to diseases such as: Allergic Disorders, Asthma, Hay Fever, Heart Disease, Cancer and yes, Obesity. Good bacteria are absent in those who suffer from Inflammatory Diseases, such as Colitis and Crohn’s Disease.

Other conditions greatly influenced by a toxic, unbalanced colon are as follows: Type 1 and 2 Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Kidney Problems, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Urinary Conditions, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ulcerative Colitis, Osteoarthritis, chronic skin conditions, degenerative conditions and other inflammatory bowel diseases. As I stated earlier this is no coincidence; almost all diseases get their foothold in the digestive tract, mainly in the colon. This includes both physical and mental conditions. Don’t think for a minute that pharmaceutical companies are not aware that you are giving up a piece of your immune system every time you take antibiotics to attack a virus, bad bacteria or infection to find only that your intestines are now overrun by fungus (evil plot). The first rule, that any practitioner with any common sense knows, is that antibiotics should only be used in life-threatening situations because continual use of antibiotics causes life-threatening situations.

A compromised immune system is the major cause of most disease. As mentioned before, you cannot go to war or attack your body and come out in one piece. The fungus (Candida) you created will leave you vulnerable and open to more and bigger problems than you started with. By taking antibiotics you have given a piece of your immune system away within days, which will now take years to replace or may never be replaced. Oh, and by the way, those bad bacteria that you thought you killed, have now mutated, are becoming immune to the antibiotics and are now seeking revenge. You cannot make your body a war zone and win. The only way to regain your health and keep it is to create an environment in which the invaders cannot exist. Bacteria outnumber our cells by 10 to 1. Your health rests on you keeping a proper balance of 85% good bacteria and no more than 15% bad bacteria.

As long as these bacteria are in proper balance, they will keep you in balance physically, mentally and emotionally. For most it is the exact reverse, or worse, 85% bad bacteria to 15% good bacteria, oops! We have 100 trillion microbes living on our skin, up our nose and on any body surface you can think of. Your digestive tract makes up ‘80-85% of your immune system.’

The greatest percentage of your immune system resides in the mother of all organs, the large intestine (colon). These good microbes (bacteria) help break down fibers, harvest calories, and protect us from micro-invasion, when kept in balance. Your gut functions as your body’s second brain. It produces even more serotonin than your brain does. Serotonin has a beneficial effect on balancing your mood. 1 out of 4 Americans will eat a high fat, high carbohydrate fast food meal each and every day. Because 25% of the population participates in this type of eating, it is widely accepted. These eating habits have a negative impact on the body and because most of the population participates, it is regarded as normal; I call it unconscious living. When your bacteria go from friendly to unfriendly they will become downright pathogenic, leaking noxious by-products (endotoxin), which will cause all ‘cell’ to break loose; this is the beginning of your demise. When this happens the domino effect begins and these trillions of bacteria will turn on you and make your life a living hell.

Acidosis, inflammation, internal scar tissue, degeneration, cell mutation and disease will be the result. Dead Meat Bacteria = Endotoxemia (endotoxin in the blood): After a meal of animal products people suffer from Endotoxemia. Their blood stream becomes awash with bacterial toxins, known as endotoxins that are present in animal products. These dead meat bacterial toxins are not destroyed by stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes, cooking or even boiling for hours. Animal fat triggers immediate inflammation within the body due to being loaded with endobacteria, even if fully cooked. Saturated animal fat then boosts the absorption of these endotoxins into our blood stream causing arterial paralysis (high blood pressure). Another cause of Endotoxemia is a greasy, refined carbohydrate meal. This will cause inflammation due to the release of endotoxin from the outer walls of the bad bacteria that now live in your colon. Endotoxin, if not eliminated daily from your colon through Gentle Daily Cleansing, can and will be absorbed into the blood stream causing inflammation to the weakest parts of the body or throughout the whole body. This inflammation is created by the body to warn you of a perceived threat or injury.

If left unattended the body initiates a secondary support system which starts continual fibrin production to the area of concern in order to wall off the inflammation overload, until you incorporate a Whole Plant Based Lifestyle and gently cleanse on a daily basis. This continual inflammation and fibrin production, if not halted, will drain you of your vital energy, essential nutrients and will create massive internal scar tissue which will gradually immobilize, deteriorate, mutate and distort the tissues, organs and bones in the area of concern. Every disease whether it’s a muscle or organ has internal scar tissue involvement where inflammation is present. Hello ‘invisible bonds’.

Many will suffer massive internal scar tissue formation as if there has been a physical injury to the area, all due to mismanagement and misinformation (evil plot). For the body to run at peek performance there cannot be energy wastage. To be at war with one’s self for more than short periods, will cripple critically needed defense systems of the body by exhausting the body of its energy. When you continually try to kill the pain using drugs, over time you are slowly and unknowingly killing yourself (oops).

Inflammation comes in many forms. The redness and pain experienced in an affected area of the body is a built-in safety mechanism to help ward off further invasion of microbes. In the case of flu, you will experience fever, aches and pains throughout the body. This represents a body-wide ‘seek and destroy’ mission aimed at ‘invading virus’. These symptoms are all essential for our survival. They warn of a perceived threat or injury. Even though these symptoms of inflammation are a protective device for survival they will cause injury if allowed to persist or are suppressed through drugs. Vital energy will be drained from the body leaving you exhausted and unprotected in both cases.

How was your energy level during this time of needless suffering? Low, because your immune system was low (energy leakage). If inflammation is eliminated through drugs or just not attended to, you will become more acidic, create more internal scar tissue, creating crippling invisible bonds and never regain the energy needed to heal unless the cause is dealt with; this being the balance of bacteria in your large intestine. Once you cleanse and heal your colon by replenishing and restoring your body on a daily basis your digestive system will start functioning properly again and disease symptoms will disappear.

When not under threat, the body uses energy for cellular repair, maintenance and yes, sex. Life is great once again. When a threat arises hormone related activity decreases to a minimum. Non-essential tasks will be shut down and other body systems and functions will be rationed. The majority of your energy will go to fight the threat. Forget tomorrow, the priority is to preserve the self today. Right about now you should be having a gut feeling where the answer lies. The challenge for most people occurs when they have never had a nutritional strategy to optimize colon integrity.

Health and disease are born in The Mother Of All Organs so Drink Life In and Take Life On with Whole Plant Based Superfoods. Lighten Your Load with Gentle Daily Cleansing and say goodbye to ‘Endo’. Be The Cure That You’ve Been Searching For! Master your health and join our club today!

Darrell Wolfe