How To Turn Off The Hunger Trigger

The majority of the population has been taught to only satisfy their appetite and hunger, when they should learn to nourish their bodies. We must return to nature, the land of the fresh and raw.

Our modern lifestyle has given us many things such as heart disease, mental illness and cancer – just to name a few.

Industrialized food does not provide the body with the essential nutrients it needs; the food chain has been broken for 60 years. Gentle Daily Cleansing will remove the source, that being the toxic load in your colon, but it doesn’t solve the problem of a malnourished body.

The more advanced man becomes, the more adulterated his food becomes. Processed food did not come about until the 1940’s and this was a sad day for your health.

Processed food offers little or no nutrition, but it has the taste people crave (plastic) in a nation where people are always hungry, always starving and always eating.


When we eat nourishing foods we supply the body with the right nutrients so it finds balance and turns off the hunger trigger; but when we eat processed, chemical-laden food the body is never satisfied because it gets so little nutrition. We must eat more and more thus overloading our system which does more harm than good. Whole, raw, fresh foods are the only real answer.

Roughage, which is mostly made up of fiber or cellulose is needed to work the colon, giving it the needed pressure to trigger a healthy, normal bowel movement.

A proper diet should consist of:

  • 10% Protein
  • 50% Vegetables
  • 20% Fruit
  • 20% Complex Carbohydrates

Cravings are caused because of a lack of a particular nutrient (minerals, vitamins, enzymes or acidophilus (good bacteria)). Healing will only take place when there is more good than bad within the body. Until this happens, no illness or disease can be reversed or prevented.

By: Dr. Darrell Wolfe

Author of the Best Selling Book ‘Healthy To 100’, International Lecturer, Teacher and World Renowned Health Practitioner

Darrell Wolfe