Fragmented Nutrition – Fragmented Health

Almost 90% of the nutritional supplements on store shelves are filled with empty promises that fall short with their delivery and may even cause negative side effects. At the ‘Doc of Detox’ we pride ourselves by using the most potent forms of Whole Plant Based Superfoods for whole body healing.

I would like to address one of the greatest planned and man-ipulated nutritional stings orchestrated by the supplement industry that has been programmed into the average person and health practitioners as well. Just so you understand, I spent the first 20 years of my health career down this rabbit hole of confusion. 68% of the population takes some form of nutritional supplement, 52% on a regular basis. The majority of these people are in the ‘one a day’ supplement group. They are flushing their money literally down the toilet.

This is because most fragmented supplements are nutritionally useless and some are even downright dangerous because they are synthesized and are viewed as ‘alien’ by your body. Many of these fragmented, man-made supplements that are labeled natural are a complete waste of money and can be reclaimed at your local sewage treatment plant (recycle, reuse). Inferior nutrition = an Inferior body. The supplement industry knows very well how the propaganda machine operates; Pharma has been a great teacher along the way. They will do whatever it takes to distract you from The Whole Truth About Health because once you realize that Whole Plant Based Superfood Nutrition is the answer and the only answer; their involvement in your life will change. We can say that a specific nutrient has the ability to eliminate a disease or perform a specific function but what is not disclosed by the manufacturers is that this only occurs when this nutrient is found in its whole form, this being in the form of Whole Plant Based Food.

The supplement industry leads you to believe that they can take a single active ingredient from Whole Plant Based Foods and sell us the same nutritional results as if it were a whole food. Limited science will always give us limited results and fall short with their ‘nutritional promises’, known as single supplements. Most natural health practitioners are trained in this manner or should I say programmed in this manner. Teaching their patients the best they know how, but continually missing the mark to helping their patients Master their own health.

The food chain broke when the ‘parts’ became more profitable to the corporations controlling our food source. Here at the ‘Doc of Detox’ we promise to provide you with correct information and the support that you deserve to ensure that we are helping you bridge the gap to your permanent success.

Fragmented Nutrition

Almost all nutrients cannot function properly alone. It is an ‘all for one and one for all’ mission. As in the case of enzymes, they cannot function properly without minerals. In the absence of minerals, vitamins have no function. Lacking vitamins, the system can make use of the minerals, but lacking minerals, vitamins are useless. For every fragmented nutrient breakthrough they have more products to sell, resulting in more profit. Problems arise when we think a nutrient breakthrough is actually a health breakthrough. This year it’s vitamin A; next year it’s vitamin C, the following, Calcium. You get the picture.

When you sell just the nutrient and not the whole package, you are only selling a piece of the truth, not the whole truth. Most commercially sold, so-called Superfood supplements contain 15-71 ingredients or more, but many of these Superfoods are in trace amounts, too small to deliver any real health benefits. It is not just the layperson that buys into this savvy marketing but many health practitioners do the same, when all they want to do is help. But an empty promise is an empty promise, no matter how good their intentions are. Most health practitioners end up going through this learning curve, I know I did. Invest is short for investigate. I did my research; make sure that you do yours. Your body is depending on it.

Today’s western diet has double the calories of a consumer in 1965 and we are receiving 75% less nutrient value for the current calories consumed. Quality whole plant based nutrient supplementation on a daily basis is not an option but a necessity for a pain-free, disease-free body. The average American consumes over 3200 calories per day but they are receiving 75% less in nutrient value than they did in the mid ‘60s with 1500 calories a day. Today, we are over consuming, yet we’re still undernourished. It’s not a mystery that there is a pandemic of obesity in America today. As you read this, 34.8% of the US population is medically diagnosed as morbidly obese, and another 32% are diagnosed as obese. More than two-thirds of America’s population today is overweight! At the Doc of Detox we feel you will know better because you have been taught to know better.

Darrell Wolfe