Contraction The Chain Reaction

Let me explain why almost all body pain, physical degeneration and chronic recurring injury are not just preventable but unnecessary when you come from a proper foundation on all levels. The secret to the fountain of your youth does not lie just within the physical but also the mental. When the mind over reacts it causes contraction, shutting down our life force. The fuel is fear, doubt and worry, the result is pain, inflammation, energy depletion and a life ruled by chaos, and last but not least, a severe drop in your pH causing you to become acidic thus forming crystallization and internal scar tissue. The heart creates, causing expansion of our life force. The result being a life filled with an abundance of love, laughter, forgiveness, gratitude and a body free of pain, able to rest, repair, restore, and regenerate – The Natural Way because we are now raising our pH to an alkaline state.

Every person and every thing has a frequency ranging from high to low, meaning strong to weak. A large percentage of society today is in a contracted state thus vibrating at the low level of fear, doubt and worry. This low vibrational frequency promotes a lowered immune system and sickness because like attracts like. Toxic, processed, fried, microwaved food contracts, lowering the body’s frequency and energy. This causes acidity, pain, spasm, crystallization, internal scar tissue (invisible bonds), mutation and disease.

Whole Plant Based Superfood expands, raising the body’s frequency to repair, regenerate, restore and revitalize. Dancing, laughter, yoga, swimming, stretching, meditation and praying are expanding forces; whereas weightlifting without stretching is contractual leaving one acidic, stiff and out of balance. Running without stretching is also contractual leaving one acidic, stiff and out of balance.

Hurting oneself or someone else without forgiveness is contractual and will leave you acidic, stiff, in pain and out of balance. One might say we live in a downright uptight society. If we do not learn to lighten up, there is only one outcome; to tighten up (invisible bonds). On the topic of ‘lighten up’, what do you think the most common mineral deficiency is in the North American population? The clue, I stated most of us live in a contracted low vibrational frequency, so we’re basically uptight physically and drained emotionally.

What is the main mineral used up by the body when we are uptight and out of balance? The answer is magnesium. This mineral is used to rest, relax and repair; to keep things open and keep things moving. One example when this mineral becomes deficient is heart problems such as heart attack. If we look at the digestive tract in the way of contraction and expansion, contraction is constipation and two to three well-formed bowel movements a day is expansion. How’s that working for you?

It would be best to embrace and learn how to effectively raise your vibrational frequency and live an expanded lifestyle. You can lighten up or tighten up on many levels; it’s always been your choice. Love is the greatest expander (healer) but even drinking a glass of Structured Water™ is a start. All negative emotion such as fear, doubt and worry are contractual in nature and will shut down proper circulation, reducing the supply of oxygen and nutrition to the cells. This will cause a lower vibrational frequency, creating an acidic environment throughout the body.

You will know when you have created an acidic environment within your tissues and joints for they will feel stiff, sticky and painful. This is where it all begins, so if you are not aware of how this develops then this dysfunctional program will continue, internal scar tissue will form and you will prematurely age with invisible bonds. You can become crippled physically, at any age, but there is a greater chance of this happening as you get older.

We usually become more toxic and stuck in our ways with age, due to the accumulation of toxic waste and a colon that lacks tone. You have been unconsciously programed with Belief Systems that do not serve your greater good (evil plot).

Is it a physical problem or a mental one that rules the physical, U choose; but haven’t you already chosen?! Every negative emotion and thought if held longer then 30 seconds will cause muscles to tighten, breathing to become shallow, or more shallow and, of course, old faithful, the fight or flight response. This is where your adrenals kick in, responding to the illusion of a life threat. How many times do you trigger this program everyday, consciously or unconsciously? The result from this; drained of vital energy, painful stiff muscles from the acid you have just created with your mind (mind over matter). Continual knee-jerk reactions repeated enough times means your joints won’t be able to move because of all the acid, crystallization and internal scar tissue (invisible bonds) from your stinkin’ thinkin’.

Shoulders rounded almost permanently to protect your heart against the big, bad world and head down because that’s where you are heading (low vibrational frequency). If you have a distorted view of the world, life, love or yourself, you may just distort your health, heck, even your muscles and bones. Muscle spasms, inflammation, internal scar tissue and premature degeneration are all due to continual physical contraction, whereas with sickness and crippling conditions you must totally dedicate yourself to a low vibrational contracted lifestyle, for these are chronic and more severe in nature.

Reactive or Creative, make a choice but choose wisely. Love and life depend on it.   For myself I’ve lived through a thousand deaths within my mind, it gets tiring, to say the least. I’ve done the drama queen show but realized that the world was not going to change for me or save me. Enough already! I am ready to take total responsibility for my life and well-being. I realize that true happiness is not found externally and that all answers lie within the changes that I make for myself.

This is where all true change must take place if we wish to be the Master of our life and the body we live in. Oh, but to free up your joints and muscles you must open the mind, open the heart, become pliable, flexible mentally and physically. Flow freely into life and embrace Nature’s Whole Plant Based Foods and Structured Water, so your body may do the same. Take Life In and join our Healthy to 100 Community to set your body free from these invisible bonds. Feed your spirit and live to your full potential. Be The Cure U wish to see!

“Get TRAINED To MASTER Your BODY Or They Will Keep You In Treatment For The Rest Of Your LIFE” – Dr. Darrell Wolfe – Doc Of Detox

Darrell Wolfe