Can Detoxifying Ruin Your Health?

You often hear vague claims in the news that it’s important to detox or that you should do a colon cleanse (or other cleanse), but do you truly understand what this can do for your body if done right and the disaster that awaits you if you do it wrong or worse yet, not at all in these toxic times?

Most people DON’T understand how to cleanse in a safe, comfortable and effective way that restores health by enhancing the immune system. Most don’t understand that detoxifying your body can be a pleasure when you do it gently on a daily basis rather than making it something you have to endure.

The fact is that some cleanses can not only DESTROY your health and balance, but can also be the Catalyst that puts a health issue into full swing.

Not only that, but as you’ll see below, it’s common to feel really sick, noxious and unable to function while doing certain cleanses!

I recently consulted with a middle-aged man who has been having gallstone attacks. Over the years that he has been suffering, his family Doctor has tried to convince him to go under the knife and have his gallbladder removed, take a multitude of drugs and whatever else the system had in store for him.

Being as how he is an independent thinker, he didn’t listen to his doctor and instead researched ways of dealing with these painful stones.

He discovered a cleanse that works very well to eliminate the stones. So every time he would get an attack (three or four times a year) he would do this cleanse and eliminate hundreds of stones each time. It was painful and tedious putting him out of commission for a week each time this happened. So he would basically be out of commission for three to four weeks a year. Lying there, watching TV and …cleansing. No family fun. No work. No quality of life.

This is one of the reasons that so many people avoid internal cleansing.

The problem is he waited to do the cleanse UNTIL he had an issue instead of cleansing daily. Therefore his issue kept coming back with more and more vengeance. He didn’t eliminate the problem. He managed the symptoms. Kind of sounds like what the Doctor wanted to do…

There is a better way… It doesn’t have to be painful and in fact, you can actually feel awesome while you cleanse.

So now he cleanses daily and exercises gently daily, he eliminated many of the toxins in his diet and now feels amazing. And he felt amazing after only a couple of days.

As you follow this blog and search out the videos on this site, you’ll learn exactly what you need to understand to boost your metabolism, strengthen your immune system, PREVENT disease, and STOP the downward cycle of poor health, regardless of your “bad genetics”. But for now, let’s debunk a few myths.


4 Myths About Detoxification And The Reasons They Are Myths!

Myth #1 – Cleansing Seasonally Is The Best Way To Detoxify

Reason #1 – The body needs to cleanse 24/7 to establish and keep a strong immune system. Your immune system is protecting you 24/7 so it is only logical that you would cleanse daily so that your immune system operates at full potential in these toxic times.

Reason #2 – Cleansing seasonally allows toxic waste to build up. I believe the definition of insanity is that we allow toxic waste to build up so that our digestive and immune system has to break it down instead of eliminating the toxic waste daily. When we abuse these systems like this, they are not able to protect us as designed.

Reason #3 – Cleansing seasonally allows extra weight gain and premature aging. Just as people go on diets to lose weight, it is the same analogy to do deep cleanses every few months. Both only add up to more pounds. For weight and health to remain consistent, don’t diet, live it. Don’t wait to deep cleanse until you feel tired sick and toxic. Cleanse every day.


Myth #2 – The Best Time To Cleanse Is When I Start Feeling Poorly

Reason #1 – You are allowing toxins to build up in your system and potentially overwhelm your immune system. You have been educated into weakness. First to create your own toxic waste build-up and then to go in and attempt to clean up the mess.

Reason #2 – You’ve already caused inflammation and pain. Why do we need to create inflammation and pain before we do a deep cleanse? Why not cleanse gently everyday so that we don’t have to experience pain and inflammation.

Reason #3 – By this point the immune system has already become overburdened; the reason for deep cleansing is to rescue the immune system. If we were to cleanse gently every day then a rescue mission would not be needed.


Myth #3 – Our Organs Can Detoxify Us

Reason #1 – Our organs cannot keep up with the modern-day levels of toxins we ingest. We live in the most toxic time in history. The average person takes in more toxins in one day than they did in weeks, 75 years ago.

Reason #2 – Our organs are exhausted, inflamed, dehydrated and malnourished. Our organs can detoxify us under normal circumstances. There is nothing normal about the way we live today: toxic air, toxic water, toxic food, and toxic emotions. Supersize has become a normal way of life and body shape.



Myth #4 – Detoxifying Requires Suffering

Reason #1 – Deep intense cleanses, can and do cause suffering. Deep cleanses are the same as releasing the floodgates of a dam. Deep cleanses release huge amounts of highly toxic waste all at once, which floods overburdened, exhausted organs thus creating even more inflammation and mutation.

Reason #2 – Gentle, daily detoxification creates health and vitality without the undue pain. It is proven the gentle daily detoxification is the most effective way to eliminate or stop inflammation before it even starts. Where there is no inflammation, there cannot be pain. Where there is no pain, the immune system is not under attack.

Reason #3 – Gentle, daily detoxification creates health and vitality without the undue pain. Baby steps done daily with regards to detoxification is proven to be responsible for the elimination of 85% of all disease as quoted by the ‘Royal Society of Medicine’. When you change the rules, you change your life.


There is a solution to this. You can feel great and prevent needless suffering from disease or even the cleanse itself…Get started by taking the 3-minute detox test.

By: Dr. Darrell Wolfe

Author of the Best Selling Book ‘Healthy To 100’, International Lecturer, Teacher and World Renowned Health Practitioner

Darrell Wolfe