Calcification Or Crystallization

When internal scar tissue and crystallization builds up within the body due to acidosis, nerve pain will become intermittent or constant until the cause is removed or you have been drugged enough not to feel it. Many health professionals believe that this disorder is due to calcification. Yes, this is true in some conditions such as toxic acidic breasts creating internal scar tissue and becoming fibrotic due to the ongoing signal of inflammation. If this internal scar tissue process, within the breast, is not treated and reversed correctly in a timely fashion then calcium deposits will develop to buffer down the acidity to ward off cancer as long as possible.

I have had hundreds of people coming to me believing that calcification was the problem, only to find out that it was mainly internal scar tissue and crystallization with traces of calcium. The body creates this overcompensation of internal scar tissue due to inflammation and infection in an attempt to protect and heal an injured area.

Why do muscular and structural disorders go away only to return again? The cause has never been addressed or dealt with properly. Is it lack of spinal adjustments? No, when it is a muscular problem; ask yourself, “Where is the pain, on or in the bone or in the muscle?” Now ask yourself, “Do bones pull muscles out of place or do shortened, knotted muscles pull bones out of place?” Remember, inflammation and spasms come from deep within the muscle tissue, not the bones.

All answers lie deep within the muscles. Release those invisible bonds and educate yourself on a whole plant based diet, gentle daily cleansing, structured water, core exercise and how to achieve a healthy sleep and you will live pain-free. It’s not about age, it’s all about the internal scar tissue and crystallization build up. Age has nothing to do with pain – unless you’re the so-called, average person. When a practitioner has the knowledge of internal scar tissue removal and the ability to teach their patients the foundational keys to vital health on a daily basis, then and only then will permanent healing take place.

Darrell Wolfe