A Strong Foundation

What if you could have the health and body you always dreamed of and would never feel the need to take another pain killer?

This is not a tall order to fill. First we must build a strong foundation that supports and protects the body on a daily basis. This being the choices we make throughout our day, every day. Then, and only then, is when we should start to fill up our cupboard with more bottles.

I will show you why deep cleanses are not ideal in today’s environment and that Gentle Daily Cleansing, along with what you take into your body everyday outweighs any medical or single nutrient breakthrough. For years I have been known as the ‘Doc of Detox’. If I could show you the major cause of how we unknowingly become sick, in pain and overweight and how you can truly become the Master of your Body, how would this make you feel?

How would this make you change the way you look at life?
How would this affect the rest of your life?

Never again searching for the next weight loss miracle or miracle cure or painkiller. Near the end of our life when we look back it won’t be about the money or the big house. It will be about the difference we have made with our loved ones… with everyone.

I know that I can’t stop the war on cancer or end starvation, but what I do know is that I can make a difference one person at a time. Small, simple, life changing steps create big change. That big change is called the Healthy to 100 Club.

Darrell Wolfe