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Dr. George Merkl & Life Crystals


Life Crystals were developed by the late Dr. George Merkl who successfully demonstrated the first cold fusion experiment for the department of energy and thirty executives in 1967. This was accomplished by the discovery of the free energy molecule ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) present in all living things.

Dr. Merkl discovered a process for extracting ATP from substances that have a higher percentage of ATP such as fruit juices, tea, honey and coffee. The process for extracting the ATP required Dr. Merkl to distill a formula of the above ingredients in clear Pyrex glass tubes. He then took them to the desert and in the presence of sunlight, the ultraviolet rays would stop the formula from turning into alcohol and instead pull out the free energy molecule ATP.

After this process, the formula is no longer fruit juices, tea, honey or coffee. It is transformed into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) in a base of GTP (Guanosine Triphosphate) and the five carbon sugars, which is a beneficial sugar.

Dr. Merkl built an advanced microscope that could view living matter at an electron microscopic level. At 100 million magnification, the Life Crystals (ATP) are pyramidal in shape and work as solar collectors. The Guanosine Triphosphate (GTP) works as a storage battery. Dr. Merkl called the Life Crystals, ‘pristine virgin energy’ as the purity of the formula is essential to form the Life Crystals. The Life Crystals are stored solar energy and Dr. Merkl felt they may also contain the missing neutrinos from the sun source.

Dr. George Merkl developed a concentrated purified form of Life Crystals and in vitro (in a petri dish) he was able to regrow all the organs in the body, including brain cells with just the transfer RNA. After three open heart surgeries George had his doctor inject him with Life Crystals and he was able to rebuild his heart, which was documented by a later surgery. George said that Life Crystals rebuild and regrow everything in the body and chelate toxins out of the veins.

The original Life Crystal drink developed by Dr. Merkl did not bring the desired healing results because the molecule was too large for proper absorption and people were receiving only 10-20% of the healing potential of the Life Crystals.

To increase the assimilation of the life crystals, we combine them with fulvic acid, which raises the healing potential to 70-80%. The fulvic acid is nano in size and carries up to 60 minerals and elements directly into the cell. This combination is what Dr. Michael Karr called the most harmonious combination of elements.

Both Dr. George Merkl and Dr. Michael Karr have left a legacy for humanity and the Doc of Detox honors these great men for their contribution to health and the healing of our planet, it’s people, plants and animals

Click the video below to learn about Dr. Merkl’s cold fusion process!